Parallax scrolling, not parallax bg

Hey Blocs people

I wonder if any of you can help? I can’t find anything on the forum pertaining to the above subject, so I’ve started a new thread.

I’m eager to implement “parallax scrolling” but Blocs seems to only allow for a fixed background image when you select parallax in the BG settings.

Is there something i’m missing in Blocs that I should know about that would allow for a moving BG? or do I need to customise something in the code export?

I’ve got a new project / new client that I’m keen to impress on so i’m exploring some unique / sexy effects to make them feel like they paid for something decent!

cheers guys


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Check out Eldar tutorials?

Thanks for that @KBConcepts - yeah i’ve seen some of his video’s which are great, he looks like a talented guy. However , I don’t see scrolling parallax on his templates, just static BG parallax. I’m pretty on top of things already so would rather not pay for training on something I can probably hack through myself.

Has anyone else managed to implement the scrolling BG? I think it can be done with a simple piece of CSS adjustment, but would be easier to do this within the platform itself.


Eldar seems to have realized something similar on his 1:1 site.

Is that what you mean?

exactly that :wink:

That looks sexy indeed. :heartbeat:

Eldar, can you hear us??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The parallax on his site has been mentioned a few times on the forum, here is a recent reference with an older reference also. To be clear, that page uses Squarespace not Blocs, as mentioned in those two previous linked references.

Thank you @Blocs_User for (once again) clarifying the parallax effect on my website :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to create a true parallax effect on Blocs-made websites, but I heard Blocs 3 will bring some new features that will make it easier to do that ↓

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