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Hello, @Wam, @KBConcepts, @JDW, @cableguy30, @handshaper, @Eldar, (continue in the following posts (only 10 users allowed per post)

If I forget someone please forgive me. All users all welcome, I just refer directly to this users, because are the ones that I connect more often.

As I promise I create this site, with a compilation of some helps I was giving time to time, in the forum.


@KBConcepts (There is not a single line of code in this one) :sweat_smile::rofl:.

The problem is that when I try to find all the links is a little bit difficult, so I put them all together.
And as I provide more help, I add them to this Topic and upgrade the Site.

NOTE: @Bill @Whittfield @webplus in the Free Brics Tab, I put the Brics that are really free and available as .BEX in the forum, but the ones that are redirecting to your sites or Gumroad, I keep the links to your sites. The Brics that are now in the site are not mine, so if you want I can remove them.

If someone, want me to add .BEX (Brics) to this site just let me know.

I will always keep this free.

Many Thanks


@pixelwork, @Dreamsur, @RME, @Norm, @risen, @casey1823, @Ian, @wolfganghofer, @pumpkin, @webplus,

@Tony, @Highlander, @BCoops, @Flashman, @IsmaeL, @Lucas, @MDS

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This is really cool of you @Pealco to compile and share this information. :grinning:
Are you referring to a specific web address or the particular post here in the Blocs forum?

Sorry in my first post I didn’t put the Link, now I edit it… sorry and thank you…

“Discover Pixabay, no hot linking”? :slight_smile:

@JDW fixed. Thank you. I think it was only in the Link to the help of @KBConcepts in the movie with poster. Right?

Still not fixed, and I reloaded your page in Safari and even viewed it in FireFox too. It’s a highly pixelated black image with white text that says:





And your “Trying to help…” test sits above that pixelated image.

Firefox also shows me a lock icon in the address bar with a yellow “!” triangle in it, which when clicked shows me Connection is Not Secure (despite your use of HTTPS).

–James W.

Hey @Pealco

Nice reference - that last one by me labeled TextBloc should be called SameHeight :wink:

I bet anything the new Brics marketplace site will launch any day now, so I wonder if this will get much attention - we shall see.


Hi @Pealco.

You are incredible. Thanks.

I visited your website https://blocs.webtekpc.pt
and it is very very useful for the entire Blocs community.

I think @Bill is a very good idea and I am sure that in a short time the market of Brics for Blocs will take off as something unstoppable.

Very grateful for your unconditional help.

The Community of Blocs in the power of web development. :muscle:

Berst regards.

@JDW, thank you.
Is all fixed now. About the certificate is everything ok.

Do you have your computer with the clock at the same time as your country?
That happened with me when I put my computer at the same time as Portugal and I was in UK in vacations.

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Hello @Bill, all fixed, thank you.
About the Bric Marketplace, when @norm launch it, I will remove that from my site. The main goal of my site is the mini-sites. The brics was only a upgrade to my site, so the users found a place to found free brics that were dispersed in the forum.
I can put meantime the paid ones as well if you want… (not the .bex, the link and description for them) @Lucas, you too if you want.

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Hello @Wam, thank you. I’m here to help were I can.

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I just found a good site with some Collapse Sidebar to Bootstrap 4, so I create a Mini Site to it, check the new Mini-Site called: “Bootstrap SideBar”.


Hope You like it…

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Hello @Pealco.

Very interesting the “Collapse Sidebar” that you have incorporated into the site “webtekpc”

Thank you very much for your contribution to Blocs.

Best Regards

Hello to everyone, I’m working in Snippets code site, and I have to make again all site, as the code as changed to this version of blocs.

But I decide to launch it and day by day I’m adding new codes.

Hope you like it:



Added - Fullscreen Search Button


Hi Pealco – I’m curious about what you created, but don’t understand how to use the site, enter it, and explore the snippets.

Can you provide instructions on how to enter your site and for non-pro’s like me who may want to explore and learn?


were are you stuck? in the terminal page?

well…I enter the command to accept the cookies, and then arrive at a table, but I don’t know what to do after that to explore further…