Phone number text is black instead of white in the Footer

Why the phone number text in the Footer is black in iPhone screen, although it should be white. In the Android phone the text is correct, i.e. white.

Text can sometimes change between black and white depending on the background and whether the iPhone is auto-detecting the number as a link. Maybe try adding a swatch or custom class to ensure the phone number stays white.

I have made a custom class where text color is made as a white. But this not help for the telephone number!

Did you specify colours and opacity for all states?

If you want to stop the OS detecting the number and changing your styles you can add the following into the page header.

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Otherwise they usually inherit the colour for the anchor tags from memory. So I assume any links you have in the footer are black??.

Thanks Malachiman - this code snippet works! Very good :blush: