I’m really impressed with the latest version of Photomator, now that you can edit directly from folders or icloud it really speeds up image preparation work flow. Definitely worth a look.

I’ve been a Pixelmator user since launch day. They make great stuff.


Hi Guys,
I found out about Photomator here in your post. I have a question: can you export an existing JPG as WebP with Photomator?

Thanks and hang loose!

@gary, if you are using WebP on your website, I would use jpeg and let Blocs do the WebP, that way you have fall back added to the markup.

I do not see that as an option in Workflows, but then I haven’t brought Photomator.

WebP is an option in Pixelmator Pro. Which is probably more the app you want if you are preparing images for web.

Thanks, Pete, I totally forgot about that !