PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

I was wondering if it would be good idea to add PHP Encoder & Obfuscator. Does anyone do this for there websites?

For example

What would this be good for?

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to protect your code from copyright and being stolen. I am not sure if it has other benefits.

So you make custom commercial coded solutions?

Obfuscating is handy for javascript since a user does download it.

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PHP is executed on the server, you can only access it if you have access e.g. via FTP.
Javascript is executed in the browser, everyone can access it.

For large projects we have had good experience with JASOB (
The tool is worth its money. Main reason is that you can also include PHP or HTML files in the processing.

function myName ( parameter )


can be like this after the Opfucsaten

function a(a)


I.e. at all places in the PHP or HTML code (e.g. onclick=myname(self)) “myname” must be changed into “a(self)”.
Therefore it is good if you can specify files in the whole process which will be parsed and adjusted as well.
With NameBags you can achieve that always the same functions are replaced with the same names. This makes debugging with obfucsated code much easier.

But as already said, the project must be larger otherwise the effort is not worth it.

When I see these sorts of threads about obfuscating code or protecting images, etc. I always wonder what are the beyond amazing things people are making given that virtually all world class creative and tech don’t bother to do the same? The client side code and images of Blocs users must really surpass all levels of what’s presently found across the web. :thinking: :smile:

For images and “normal” web pages you are of course right. For larger, commercial projects that run in the browser and therefore mostly rely on Javqascript, the normal readable code is rarely found.

Too each is own I guess if a person wants the illusion of security. :smirk:

I’m not sure which internet that represents but not the one I’m frequenting. I daily view source, inspect and deep dive through sites across all spectrums and very rarely do I see such measures. Though I will say many modern build processes and frameworks probably serve to deter common peepers nowadays as the web frontend becomes more complex. Most people can’t go down the rabbit hole as easily as they once could by default.