PHP Jabbers Scripts - Issues and Recommendations

One of the nice things about Blocs is the fact you can easily integrate third-party scripts for things like eCommerce, memberships, booking scripts etc. One of the best sources of such scripts is phpjabbers. However, for blocs users there are a few issues that you should be aware of. The issues have been identified with the help of @PeteSharp who was kind enough to take time out to spot the problems.

Whilst the scripts themselves are very good and do the job well, there is a big difference when it comes to implementing them in a bootstrap framework. Firstly, the scripts are built around bootstrap version 3.X.X. So if you are are using a bootstrap 4 framework - such as Blocs, you will encounter some problems. These primarily relate to layout issues and CSS. This can cause the front-end layout to distort. Whilst the company do have an excellent support service to resolve such issues, the level of support you get will depend on how much you pay for the scripts.

If you buy an individual script, support is included in the price. However, if you buy their bundle of scripts (65 scripts in total - and great value) support is only available if you buy support credits at about €40 per issue. So, if you are not familiar with PHP or CSS coding, best not to buy their bargain bundle - buy just the scripts you need and use the included support to resolve the inevitable issues you will face when using them in Blocs.

The company has said that it may update their scripts in the future, but nothing solid confirmed just yet, so be warned.

The scripts I have tested so far include the Membership Script, and the eCommerce script, The eCommerce script hasn’t yet been tested in a Blocs site, but it works very well in other development apps that don’t use bootstrap 4. The membership script was problematic in Blocs but was resolved by the support people after payment of a fee. I felt this was a little unfair as it was their outdated script that was at fault rather than the framework and there is no mention on their website about incompatibilities with different frameworks.

Anyone using the membership script should also be aware that it is a spammer’s dream come true. Members enter their email addresses as part of their profile. This gets displayed in a machine-readable format within the profile page. So, if you have a membership of thousands of people, all their email addresses can be harvested very easily. It would be better to have the script hide the email addresses and to have a pop-up form for contacting members through an email link. Maybe this will come in a future version but, at the moment, it isn’t there.

The bottom line is if you want the functionality of reasonably well-crafted PHP scripts on your site, consider the phpjabbers line-up. The scripts are good and do the job well, but you will have issues in Blocs. They are good scripts, but don’t be tempted to buy the script package unless you know about coding php and/or css. Instead, opt for the higher-priced individual versions that include support.


Hi @hendon52

Are you (or anyone reading this) using any of the PHP Jabbers script? I am looking for something for a holiday home business and they have a nice script, not perfect but might tick the boxes for my client.

I have had a good look at some others and they do look good, but need something geared up for holiday homes that offer extras around it.


I have quite a few of their scripts, but only use one on a site; the event booking script, developer license. I’ve used it for several years and only really had one problem. It didn’t seem to like the clocks going forward/ back, resulting in some of my customers turning up an hour early for a tour; the time on the email confirmation was shown incorrectly. Although I’ve received no updates for the script, the time issue only happened one year, but I still test it around the clock changing times. I did actually put the same script on a second site, in German, and went through the laborious task of ‘translating’ all the labels, but it worked fine. We now use a different (subscription) system for handling bookings on that site.

I don’t take any payments through the booking script, so can’t comment on its effectiveness.

The UI has been updated on some of their scripts, but not all. The old one feels a little dated, but still useable. Like all scripts, one has to familiarise oneself with the backend UI.

Altogether, I’m happy with Jabbers, but that’s just my experience, using a different script to the one you’re interested in installing.

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Thank you for your reply, good info.

I always say a product is only is good as its support, so wondered if you ever had to ask for help with Jabbers and if so, how good and quicker were they?


I’ve never had to use their support, so can’t comment, I’m afraid.

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I have used a few of the scripts in the past. On one I need a few adjustments; they charge you for that with a fair price.

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Thanks @Mattheus - I have emailed them with some questions on one script my client is keen on…will be interesting if it pulls off ! - like a challenge !