Pic Won't Update inside Blocs App

If I reference and place a photo inside bloc that’s already online - meaning the file has a url path to it instead of being local - and I change the photo file online, the file won’t update or refresh inside of blocs app. Now if I upload the site and check it online the new photo will show up and display correctly but it displays incorrectly inside of blocs app. Any ideas how to get the new file to display correctly within blocs app? It bothers me not to see the changes I’m making as I work inside the app.

Thanks for the assist
Steve (newbie)

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The only thing I can think of is the look up has taken place and a snap shot from the address is stored, and as no change has taken place no further look up takes place.

Have you tried amending the url, saving, then amending back? Not ideal, but it might force the look up for the revised image.

Try adding a cache flushing suffix. Like so:


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PERFECT - you did it again! resolved!

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