Picture off page viewfinder with horizontal scroll

Hi there! Can you help me with behavior better shown in picture below:

I want in best case one horizontal image that goes off page viewfinder and have horizontal scroll, fixated from the left first column and when scroll fully left stops at 12 column

Is there way to do it without code?

Well for now you can’t, according to this tutorial you can with adding separate picture to separate Div

Here is tldr of actions needed:

  1. Bloc – Container – Row – Column – Div
  2. Multiple divs inside
  3. BLOC:
    1. Padding – none
    2. Width – edge to edge
    3. tag – Negative margin to hide scroll bar
  4. DIV tag:
    1. Positioning: Display – Flex; Overflow – Scroll
  5. DIV as margin:
    1. Empty Div with needed width
    2. On both sides of scrolling divs

I am sure it’s not impossible, but not using the horizontal scroll out of the box. You will probably need to add some code to make this work as you want.

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Ok, i missed fresh blocs tutorial about horizontal scroll. Same principle as above but less tag actions

So last question – is there a way to bloc be 12 column width but show content outside of it?

You can Tag - positioning - overflow - visible

But somehow it broke horizontal scroll