Play button overlays bg video poster image on iOS


I have my website to test and everything is working (work in progress) but in every device I have (iPhone, android, iPad, Mac, windows) the background video works very well, in my colleagues and friends too, except in one of them, that appears a play button in front and don’t desappear or allow to play. Can someone check if found the same issue?

I found only one page in web that talk about this issue, nothing else: (I even copy the title of his problem to here)

There is the picture of my website in my iPhone:

There is the picture of my website in his phone:

Thank you all in advance.

Glad to help, let me know what you would like me to do.

Please open my website:
And check if the background video plays correctly and no Play button in front of the screen, as my frind have.

Background video plays on Desktop in Google Chrome, FireFox and Edge on Windows 10.
Also works on Samsung Galaxy 7. I did not see a Playback button. What does it look like?

Website does not translate.
Also checked here

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So what is the problem with his iPhone, and he tries in Safari and Chrome, and both have this, exactly as the other article show. @Norm do you see this before?!?

Hey @Pealco

If you use these don’t use https:// only http

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