Podcast Self-Hosting or RedCircle / similar

Hi! :wave:
I’m probably going to set up a small podcast (mostly for testing the waters, seeing how it works/learn a bit), probably just related to my own personal blog. :sunglasses:

I did look into both self-hosting and 3rd Party hosting a few years back. The self-hosting I looked at then, was a Wordpress plugin. But much has changed since then. Lots of people use Anchor.fm, which was bought by Spotify IIRC. Some providers have disappeared, and other have surfaced. RedCircle looks interesting.

But I don’t expect too much traffic, so I can very well self host, but I’d need to learn the basics/common pitfalls etc.

If self-hosting is/can be recommended, would I just use the builtin RSS and blocs/brics, or any addon I should consider getting? :thinking:

As for publishing the feed to different provider catalogs, like Spotify, Apple, Google, PocketCasts etc., I guess/think that’s something I just have to setup/announce once per feed at each provider/catalog, then it will run and pick up episodes as I publish.(?)

(I’m not asking here about the hardware, software and skills required to record, mix and tag episodes. I think I know and have what I need to get started, I’ve been working with audio editing and more, and I think I’ve done my homework on that.) :nerd_face:

The inbuild RSS doesn’t include the required media tags for podcasts.

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I think the first question to ask yourself is do I really want to reinvent the wheel and go trough the hours of learning and understanding to get a basic result while I will get with RedCircle a premium “no headache” solution for $15 a month?
My two cents would go to RedCircle.


A client of mine uploads their podcasts to PodBean and it’s fed into their webpage in an iFrame with a piece of code supplied by PB. See the link below and just scroll down to th casts.

There is a free version available of Podbean, but really don’t know much about it. Might be good, might be terrible.

I know he’s been having some trouble with his encoding software recently, so a couple of these are garbled (to say the least!) until he gets them replaced - it’s not Podbean or Blocs fault, it’s his software - just an upfront warning.

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Well, I was asking myself what you guys are thinking … :wink: I was thinking I’ll try out RedCircle. Their Core plan is even free. :smiley:

@TrevReav Thanks, I’m not so sure I like the iFrame layout, allthough it seems to be working. Maybe RedCircle would also be an iFrame, though, I dunno. :sweat_smile:

Unless the crowd sweeps in and convices me not to try them out, I’ll go ahead in a week or three … :smiley: :notes: :nerd_face:

The PodBean player looks a lot like the BuzzSprout one. I have used BuzzSprout a few times in the past, old clients are still using it.

A lot of more modern options now. Things have changed from the days of self host and manually updating an XML file… I did that too many years ago :laughing:

Services like Buzzsprout will optimise the audio for you. And really this is the way to go. Keep it all simple and let the service do all the work.

Most, if not all Podcast services will distribute for you.