Pop-up form window

Hi there,
how can I create pop-up form window after clicking on the button to appear similar like the following one:

Thank you

OK, I’ve not done this myself but as no one else is rushing to help, I’ll have a go.

Take a look at https://bootstrapcreative.com/resources/bootstrap-3-css-classes-index/?utm_source=bootstrap3classes&utm_medium=pdf&utm_campaign=v2

and search for popover. In the classes menu, create classes called .popover .popover-title and .popover-content. Fiddle around with the parameters there to see if you can get anything similar.

Sorry if this doesn’t work but it’s worth a try!

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I’ve found this great pop-up form:

Can you please give me advise where to put that codes in Blocs?



Hi, here’s a super quick tutorial video.



@DGT have you tested it and got it working?

Yes, it works, thank you! Now just have to customise the code :pencil:

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Another great idea @Jakerlund
Could this be how I implement my active hotspots?

@apswoodwork i don’t have access to my computer for a few days (renovating at home) so i haven’t been able to do any serious work for a while.
But i’ll take another look at your hotspot thingy again soon :sunglasses:

Hi @Jakerlund.
I’ve just received this from @blocs-user.
It helps a lot.

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