Pop-up Website Page

Hi guys, @Jakerlund can you teach me how to pop-up a page when clicked button?

Like this one… but I want to use my Blocs button… https://www.quackit.com/html/codes/html_popup_window_code.cfm

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Hey @mackyangeles

Like this? :relaxed:

You want it to open a separate html page and not a popup modal within the page right?



Yes! @Jakerlund though the link is from another site :slight_smile: How did you do it?

@mackyangeles try the above link again.
Is that what you want, load an external page?

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Yes! You did it again. how did you do it?

Yo @mackyangeles

I made a video tutorial for you!

Get the script and code here.

Cheers :sunglasses:


Great! I’ll try :slight_smile: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Last question hehe. how to make it always on top?

I’m not sure that’s possible to force a window to stay on top :confused:
@cincyplanet is very good with scripts and maybe have some idea?

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Can a Close button be added?
I can see potential for a site-wide contact form page.

@apswoodwork Yup… try my demo again and you’ll see I’ve added a close button.
You may have to refresh the page if you don’t see the close button… it could be cached.

Add this to the close button JavaScript:window.close()

Top man. Thanks