Popup modal form to collect email

Hey There!

I’m looking to collect emails with a simple modal popup like this:

I want to create it simply. There are many tools online with tons of options, settings and there are too many in fact to choose from, this is the main issue. Also vocabulary: I’m new to this and not aware of what terms mean like “modal”.

  1. The idea is to have this ‘modal popup form’ be responsive (I want mobile users not scrolling to fill the form fields)

  2. customise completely the look and feel of the modal: fonts, button size shape and colors, message

  3. make the modal popup on the first page the person reach the site on, with zero delay (this is where the main issue is ATM)

4.Be able to cycle modals so I can see which one is prefered by users (comparison test) → if you know the magic formula to get people registered I’m all hear.

Thanks for your welcomed help.


Hi @emmanuel.
It’s fairly easy to create this within Blocs.
You’ll need:

  1. a modal: Modals – Blocs – User Documents
  2. a form: https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/forms/
  3. a script to open the modal on page load which @Pealco created for you here: Blocs Code - Snippets List

Kapture 2021-09-17 at 16.41.22

A file to get you started is here:
Healthy Water.bloc (1.4 MB)


Thanks Jerry, will have a look at it now. Your help is greatly appreciated

Hi @emmanuel, yes modal pop up forms are possible in Blocs, using one in this site, just click on any contact button as you scroll through.

Hola @emmanuel ,
There is a lot possible with forms and modals as @Jerry mentioned.

I am still working on a a test site and have put two forms already in.

It´s the old story: “Play around, make mistakes and learn”.

You will have a great forum and a gentleman Blocs Boss on your side :star_struck:

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Ok, I implemented it and it works: https://healthywatermatters.com

Now I’ll change the condition so the popup shows when people are leaving the site not after 2 mins as it is.

Thanks for all the info, was easy to implement