Portfolio site for an illustrator

Updated my illustrator/animator/designer website using blocs. Previously I was using Adobe Muse. Blocs is easier to work with, once you get the hang of it…



If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then your illustrations easily speak for themselves. Really nice illustrations, talent variety and styles.


Congrats on moving to Blocs from Muse. Did you just do it since the Muse EOL announcement, or had you switched previous to that ?

Just a word: congratulations!
Your images are exceptional! :1st_place_medal:

Very nice! Looks like your getting the hang of Blocs. I like the layout, my only suggestion would be to center the text in each category. Having the text top align with the graphics (in each bloc) makes them run together as you scroll down the page. Maybe just create a class on each header and drop the margin down so it centers with the graphic. Another thing you could do is have the animation for graphic and text in a Bloc come in it together. This would help them look together.

Nice Job!

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Hey Tracy.
Looks good.I goes to show how simple making a site in Blocs can be. Any critique from members is usually well intended and others looking at peoples work often flags up minor errors and improvements.
I’ve changed a bit following comments from Blocheads, and my site looks better for it.

Tracy, good job.

This is the kind of site where the content is so good, the site itself takes a back-seat. So often these days the content is weak so we struggle with the site itself. Your content is outstanding.

I don’t know why you have a link to the flash site in the footer. Why bother with it?

You are incredibly talented.

( update: I took more time looking around the flash site. It was time well spent. Wow. )

Sorry for the delayed response. I changed because Muse is being phased out.

Yes, there are things you can do with Flash that you can’t do any other way. I’ll delete it at some point.

If you created the flash site yourself, you could easily recreate it in HTML5 using something like Temult Hype. If you did this, you could include it as an animated page in your main blocs site, which could be viewed on all devices - including mobiles.

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