Portfolio website made with Blocs


I just finished my personal portfolio site. (Blocs v2.3 beta7)
Theme: Guilloche and graphic design, security documents and certificate templates.


Would appreciate any feedback and share.
How fast the loading time?



Hi Ben, very nice made, a good example of the hide ID to expand more examples, GREAT job!!!

about the loading time, I just downloaded one picture of you, in the full size its 204 Kb
if you upload this picture to www.tinypng.com and download it again its only 121 Kb
that saves you 40% if you do the math on all your pictures…
I would suggest to do this for all pictures, you wont loose quality, just all the meta data IN the pictures are removed, give it a try


Very nice job and you clearly know Blocs better than I do at this stage. One small observation is that there seems to be a lot of green on the website and sometimes green text on a green background. I would be inclined to create more colour contrast in those areas.

The load time for me was good with Safari, but curiously slow with Chrome for some reason. I have noticed in the past with sites of my own that Chrome can be tricky when a preloader is used.

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Eccellente, molto ben fatto. Complimenti Ben!

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@Ben ,

Very nice work.

  • The site looks great and fitting for the type of Guilloche work you do, which itself is very impressive.
  • Overall a great showcase of your work and Blocs as an app.

A few quick things I noticed:

Possible Issues / Suggestions:

*** @Flashman, good observation. It “appears” too only happen in Chrome, by contrast Firefox, Safari, etc., seem ok. Unfortunately Chrome has the most market share by a large percentage, so it’s something that needs addressed and dealt with. @norm, at least now you know where this issues steams from, concerning Blocs “preload flashing”.

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@Blocs_User I have experienced this in the past with sites done on Rapidweaver with the preloader and been forced to abandon it every time because of Chrome. I do not know the cause of this and it’s a real pain but something all users should be aware of. This is the reason I checked in Blocs and found the same behaviour.

Really nice, question, how do you make the 4 small pictures change?

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I like your page and it works perfectly.
Congratulations :+1:

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Hi Sandy, thank you very much.
I know tinypng. I like the png24, but the uncompressed size is to big.
I’ll inspected my all picture size. I love a crystal clear picture. :slight_smile:
I really paid attention page “portfolio”. More than 160 images. I needed it use thumbnails. More than 320 pictures.

Hi Flashman, thanks. I’ll check under Chrome.
I cared to the good visibility. Where experienced the color contrast problems?

Umberto, Grazie mille! :slight_smile:

Hi Blocs_User, thank you.
Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll check all.

I tested only desktop computer and tablet.
Perhaps more important to mobile view than I thought.
As soon as I have time, I will work on this.

Hi William, thank you.
I created structure with 4 column.
After add carousel each items.

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Hi Mariojazz,
thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


There is just a lot of green in general for example http://benhodosi.com/about.html and I felt it could use some more contrasting colours.

Also on your portfolio page for example where you have this solid green area shown in the screenshot.

Ok, I see. For me, it’s quite contrasting.
About.html: design or very good visibility. I chosen the design.
i’ll see about it.


Great site @Ben :sunglasses:

@Blocs_User the flashing preloader is still a mystery to me, the Blocs website does’nt do it in chrome. Unless I missed a post here but what is the cause???

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@Ben It’s entirely your decision of course and this is only my thoughts, since you asked for feedback.

I do quite a lot of online web sales and contrasting colours is one of the main points for making sales because visitors can quickly see your call to action i.e what do you want them to do. That is why sites like Amazon use yellow and blue for the shopping cart area because they contrast strongly.

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@Norm The curious point is that the preloader causes me no problems on the Blocs app site with Chrome but other sites do.

I’m wondering if it is server quality that causes this? Or maybe iframes, videos etc.