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Working on just putting a single post in a modal by using the categories option. Tried various configurations, is this something that is even possible? Theoretically, it’s a Bloc. Although, I’m wondering if it being a modal, if the data isn’t being pulled? Probably just doing something wrong. Has anyone implemented this?

Hi emcee, I tried and it works fine for me, can you send a screenshot of your settings?

Here is the Category in Wordpress, with a shortcake that I want displayed from the content area.

Then here is the configuration in Blocs.

Did you set the post loop correctly?

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Make sure to select the category you want…

emcee I tried it on my wordpress site and have your same result, no post found. I managed to make it work using the category ID, you can find it in your wordpress panel.
Go to categories - select the category so you enter in edit mode - then you’ll find the Category ID in the page URL

It works for me

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Figured out that putting a 1 in the ‘Posts Per Page’ does the trick. That was painful.

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The important thing is make it work :sweat_smile: :joy: