Presentation of tabular data?

As I live on a small Greek island where the only reliable internet is vis a mobile phone network with a metered connection, I’m delighted to find Blocs!
I’m considering switching to Blocs for my web design work, but need to know if Blocs can handle the presentation of tabular data, for example a football league table - either within Blocs itself, or via a widget or similar?
The program looks great, and appears to produce fabulous results otherwise, but this is a fairly critical requirement.
Can anyone advise, please?
Thanks for any assistance provided!

Hi @Hawkeye

You can use the HTML brick and add tables.
Here’s an old video tutorial I made on responsive even/odd row tables :nerd_face:


Hi Jakerlund,
Apologies for the delay in replying… been busy!
Thanks for the advice. I’ll go and watch your video.
No doubt that will solve my problem!

Best wishes.

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