Preview: Analytics counts it as visit


is there a way to avoid Google Analytics registering my visit when I preview one of my website pages?


I don’t think there is a way to do this. A visit is a visit whether it’s you, other people or a BOT. Given that analytics are essentially for your eyes only, I guess you could could simply count up the visits from your IP address and discount them from the total of visits reported by Google. The other option is not visit your published site at all. Instead, publish a version to a folder on your computer and visit that whenever you want to look at your page. If you’re saying that when viewing locally, your viewing of the page gets registered with Google analytics, don’t add the analytics code to your local project until you are ready to publish - only add it to the published site.

Yes you can delay inputting the analytics code until you are ready to actually deploy the site. Or even just comment out the snippet until then as another option.

Yes - you can use an IP filter. More on this :