Preview problem (Blocs 3.3)

Hello forum users,

I have a question. Maybe you have the same problem and know a solution. When I start Blocs and open my project. And then later want to look at the project. I always get the following error message:

“Not Found”

The requested resource /?8020 was not found on this server.

And then has to complete Blocs always complete and then someday then goes the preview.

Maybe it’s a bug too.

Hello, I’m facing the same issue on my 13" MacBook Pro. But on my iMac the same file opens without any issues. Maybe @norm can help us out?

Interesting. I have had recent trouble opening a project sometimes, until I realised it was an iCloud related issue. If iCloud has removed a local copy of the project, opening the file can be problematic and not just with Blocs, I have had this issue with Affinity software as well. My SSD is almost full, so I am blaming that. Could be why you have less of an issue with the iMac???

I’ve not been seeing any issues, but I would be curious if iCloud is involved. Sooner or later I’ll need to buy a replacement computer and hopefully maintain my existing one as a backup. I planned on moving projects to the documents folder or somewhere they could be shared between computers via iCloud.

Hello all, indeed it might be related to iCloud as I’m using it for (blocs) file storage. However it’s an issue which only started occuring after upgrading to V. 3.3. I start thinking as well it might be because of using .php file type as never experienced with .html

It could be a combination of iCloud when the file is stored on the cloud only and needs to download and the way in which Blocs handles the opening of the project. It wasn’t an issue before. But then I am also running an older 13" Macbook Pro like yourself, and I am constrained with the 256GB SSD. :frowning: time for an upgrade back to a 15" but I have to wait until later in the year lol. NZ is soo expensive.