Problem about ecommerce

I am new to web developing. I want to use Blocs to sell an ebook. Is it possible to use aneCommerce website solution like Cube Cart by using a link from blocs to direct customers to their site?

Welcome aboard! Yes, it is possible to link any website via a text, button or an image link. If it’s only one ebook, cubecart may be overkill as it is a full blown e-commerce system that you will have to set up either on the developers hosted solution or on your own server. In many respects, it may be better to use something like shopify in conjunction with their free digital downloads app. This will allow you to host your ebook on shopify and link to it on your own webpage. I think there is also an option where you can grab a piece of code from shopify to add to your web page. This will display your shopify store front within your webpage and provide a buy-now link. Shopify then takes care of the downloads and security issues.