Problem Hover Effects to Images Using a Button Bric

I have a question / problem with the image in a button.

Interaction is “Toggle Modal”.

When I close the modal I go back to the bloc but them the image is not showing in the button. Only transparant showing the background.

Any idea how to solve this?

Nobody can help me with this?

You have to set the image on the button for each button mode (normal, hover and active). It can be the same image for all three states, or different variants of the image to give visual indicators to users.

Thanks @hendon52. I tried that before but does not work. Still same effect. See picture. Any other ideas?image

The three image option works for me just fine, but, if it’s causing you issues and you don’t need different images, just use a normal image bric and add toggle modal as its interaction. This will keep the image on the page even when it is clicked several times.

Correction, The active state image doesn’t stay - it reverts to a normal button image - maybe it’s a bug in Blocs - best to put a bug report through to @Norm. Meanwhile, use the standard image option - it works fine.