Problem logging into Blocs forum


I just randomly had the issue here in the UK so something is happening and its working its way around the globe.



Things still good in my part of USA. Hopefully, issue done here. Hang in there everyone else! :slight_smile:


All images have been missing for me for 2 days now (US) - @Norm - could you check w/ Discourse to see when images will be back.

Thanks, Bill


Yikes! Will do.


Your region (Texas, etc.,) is actually one of the places still showing unresolved since this occurred.


Looks like the images are working again this morning (at least for us Texans) :smile:


It seems to be working again in Germany.


It worked for a couple of days.

Today I am being directed to again, together with the usual problems such as not seeing any images or images looking rather weird in the forum…


Go to Safari Preferences / Websites / Content blocker (in German Inhaltsblocker) and then set the blocs forum free. I got it this way.

Discourse hacked? or an unintroduced maintaining?

I had the same issue. Cleared out all cache and cookies. Fixed it. :wink:


Did. the same, but no, on changing password whatever Cache cleaned browser.
NOT Found

Thank you

This Time its realy wird !


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Tried that. Still redirecting.


I tried a different browser called CLIQZ.

I got the following error message:

I hope the image will be uploaded ok. I cannot verify it, cause I am only seeing weird images on the forum right now.


Refresh Opera, clean cach and cookies and you will see a smile in your face again…
The only thing you have to type in is your mac password.


19:00 gmt.
Still image issues (UK)


Login via Opera Browser (only Browser currently reacting on this f… discourse)


My turn now :roll_eyes:

What the … ? :grimacing:



Yes, sometimes happened here in PT… I think the provider of the Community, can’t handle so much information…


Try with Opera and all good - Inshallah
But all other browsers are on strike till now.
Including any restes (password e.g)
discours is to be questioned a lot.