Problem logging into Blocs forum


discourse is free - nice…
But doesn´t do a great job over the weekend.

Try on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and you will miss images & Emojies.

I like free stuff and am willing to accept this stomble, but not sure how other membes think buying a pro app.

PS: forget emojies - Images are taken by a lot of menbers with efforts to help others and if they are not shown… (better keep my mouth shut)


Hi @pixelwork

Sorry but just tried Opera and no difference…

Probably means we need to take a break. LOL



Cache cleared?


Sorry @MDS, that was a stupid question - of course you did :relaxed:

If Opera doesn´t do it either for you over the weekend, I am sorry not having further innovations.

I fucked up both of my Blocs licened machines by asking for a new password.
Opera was the only browser allowing me to open the requested new password link.


Seems discourse has solved some problems over last night.
Firefox and chrome are showing posts as they did before now.


Actually here the forum was not working correctly all day. Just tonight finally appears to back to normal.



What kind of forum company is this Discourse? The web address in the browser changed (to without giving prior notice to the users, the images in the posts do not show anymore in this forum, there are quite some problems existing in the past. I had to do extra work to adapt the password to this new internet address in order to be able to log in, and this company is charging money for it. No explanation to the users as to why a change of web address, not recommendable, not reputable. Reflects bad on the companies that use Discourse.


Try using again all of the issues should now be addressed.


We have experienced this behaviour a week ago and it was solved over the weekend.
Of course it was annoying and didn´t do good to the reputation of discourse, which is already not the best in terms of security.
On the other hand it seems to be a very good format for this forum and there were no issues over the past two years.
So let´s hope they use the holidays for fixes.

Just wait for a change of password until it´s running properly again.


Still not working – guess they will fix it over the holidays (as it was last time).


Really? It’s fine here and I contacted them and they (discourse hosting) said all was good from the status report.

Where are you located?


I just used VPN settings of UK and it´s all fine (Blocs logo, img´s and emojies)
Germany isn´t.


I had a passing issue yesterday but all ok now. UK


All fine here.
Berlin (D)


Yes, now all good here too.
Cologne (D)

Not anymore at 21:00 same problem


Thanks Norm. It is working again. :grinning:


Still ok Bill?


21:30 I am having Problems again, but only on desktop (latest Mojave).
With and without VPN.

All good on Ipad/Safari


Berlin (D):
happened again.
Safari is redirecting to “”.
And Firefox shows this:

Warnung: Mögliches Sicherheitsrisiko erkannt

Firefox hat ein mögliches Sicherheitsrisiko erkannt und nicht geladen. Falls Sie die Website besuchen, könnten Angreifer versuchen, Passwörter, E-Mails oder Kreditkartendaten zu stehlen.

Weitere Informationen…

Fehler an Mozilla melden, um beim Identifizieren und Blockieren böswilliger Websites zu helfen

Warning: Possible security risk detected Firefox detected a potential security risk and did not load If you visit the site, an attacker could try to steal passwords, emails, or credit card information. Additional Information… Report bugs to Mozilla to help identify and block malicious sites


Mal ja, mal wieder nicht.
Ich habe jetzt auf Opera mit VPN (Europa) umgesattelt und da sieht es ok aus.
Interessanterweise habe ich auf dem iPad mit Safari keine Probleme.
Schon nervig, aber ich glaube die sind da noch am Schrauben.