Problem logging into Blocs forum


Discourse is 100% free, open source forum software. So @Norm could host his own Discourse.
I Think I read in some topic that blocs discourse is in an external hosting service.


discourse is free - nice…
But doesn´t do a great job over the weekend.

Try on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and you will miss images & Emojies.

I like free stuff and am willing to accept this stomble, but not sure how other membes think buying a pro app.

PS: forget emojies - Images are taken by a lot of menbers with efforts to help others and if they are not shown… (better keep my mouth shut)


Hi @pixelwork

Sorry but just tried Opera and no difference…

Probably means we need to take a break. LOL



Cache cleared?


Sorry @MDS, that was a stupid question - of course you did :relaxed:

If Opera doesn´t do it either for you over the weekend, I am sorry not having further innovations.

I fucked up both of my Blocs licened machines by asking for a new password.
Opera was the only browser allowing me to open the requested new password link.


Seems discourse has solved some problems over last night.
Firefox and chrome are showing posts as they did before now.


Actually here the forum was not working correctly all day. Just tonight finally appears to back to normal.