Problem with navigation in footer across pages

I’ve two pages on my site: One landing page (about, clients, contact) and one page with further information on my services (team, services).

There’s a global footer area that lists links for the landing page AND the services page. The idea was that, if you’re on the landing page and click in the footer on “about” that the page scrolls to the specific section on the landing page. This works fine. However, if I click on the services page on that link the interaction previously assigned to “Scroll to target - About” is now suddenly “Scroll to target - Top of Page”. I assume, because the target “About” isn’t on the second page but on the landing page.

My question: Is there a way to assign targets to the footer section and have the interaction navigate to these? In other words, if I click on the second page on about that the landing page is loaded and the page is scrolled to the about section?