Problems publishing to Go Daddy Hosted Website

I am trying to setup Blocs 5.2.0 running on macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 on an M2 MacBook Air.

Specifically I’m trying to setup the PUBLISH settings to my Go Daddy hosted website.

I have entered the correct IP address, username, password and path (these are verified on Go Daddy and also on CYBERDUCK a macOS FTP app. Using Blocks 'Test Connection button it says the connection is successful.

However, when I then click the PUBLISH Entire Site - I get a ‘Connection Error Connection error, check server credentials.’ Error dialog.

The credentials are perfectly correct, verified and triple checked. They are identical to the ones used by CYBERDUCK and on the Go Daddy website.

Is this because on the Hosting folder there is a folder called ‘public_html’ and not (as this article says: ) ‘httpdocs’.

I have been unable to find any setting under Blocs > Preferences to change the target folder from ‘httpdocs’ to ‘public_html’.

Is this the problem and the error message is incorrectly saying it’s credentials?

If I use the same credentials in Cyber Duck then I am able to see all the folders and I am manually able to copy the exported website directly into the ‘public_html’ folder and then the website gets updated.

Please can you tell me where, if anywhere, I’m going wrong or is this a real bug in Blocs?

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Simple question, did you contact Go Daddy support and ask them what could be wrong?
I don’t think your problem is with Blocs, as I had a similar issued when I changed hosts a while back. Contacted them, and they set me straight.

Just a thought…

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That’s just an example, as it also says, it varies based on your hosts setup.

Use the path your host provides / recommends.

Use the path your hosting providers recommended


Yes, I spent over an hour with go daddy support, they insist the error it with the blocs app because I’m able to log in and access the linux box and all the folders properly with every FTP app I’ve tried using all the same criteria.

It’s only when I use blocs that it won’t allow the connection claiming that the credentials are incorrect, but they aren’t.

Weird, I had an update today and it’s now working with no settings / config changes. Oh well.

Imagine that… :+1: