Problems with the search in wordpress

Hello everyone.

I have a problem that the results do not work for me when I search with wordpress, it shows me all the publications, but it does not filter me by the search someone knows how to solve this problem.

Hi, @CapturaHD. I’ve moved your question to the dedicated Wordpress development category for better results.

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Did you watch this vid on implementation of search for WP themes?

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Hello, if my first option was to use this tutorial and the answer when giving search was to send me to a different page than the search one

Hello, of the two problems I have with the search issue I have solved one.

Solution: being a test website hosted in a folder that is not the root of the domain, I had to change the GET action in the search form: / to GET / test, which is the name of the hosting folder.

I continue with problem 2 which is not seeing only the posts that match the search always shows all the entries in the loop.

Hello, I have solved my search problem and it is that when placing the block it placed a post loop and it had to be a content loop.

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