Problems with uploading File to FTP server

Hello, I need help and after 2 days not solving my problem I hope I can find an answer here.

So after exporting my webpage from blocs to my computer, I installed classic FTP to transfer my file to the fTP server.

I have the password and all the needed data to connect to my ftp server. So after I connected my FTP server to the software classicFTP, I uploaded the exported file to the FTP server.

Until here everything went well. So my data is now in the FTP server.

My problem is when I go to my webpage “” I can’t see my the created Blocs pages. It says the requested URL is not found in the server.

Before I had an another content in the webpage “vipgoodlife”. I erased the content with the software classicFTP and uploaded the created files in Blocs.

What should I do so I can see the blocs webpage on my internet site

I will appreciate every advice. I’m not an IT expert and maybe I did a stupid failure :slight_smile:

Please Help

Thanks in advance

@sami Hi Sami!

I’m not expert, only designer.
Try to upload to the following folder: “public_html”


Thanks Ben. Where can I find that folder?

In the root.

On some servers I’ve seen a folder called www as well.

Are you uploading the folder with it’s contents? You should not upload the folder but just it’s contents to the root directory. The index.html should be there.


I think it works.