Problems with WPForms on Wordpress

Hi I’m using BlocsPlus and built a wordpress theme in Blocs, there are no other custom javascript. Wordpress version is 6.0.2

This is the error:

Heads up! WPForms has detected an issue with JavaScript on this page. JavaScript is required for this form to work properly, so this form may not work as expected. See our troubleshooting guide to learn more or contact support.

This message is only displayed to site administrators.

Error when submitting
The form was unable to submit. Please contact the site administrator.

Hi Calibinder, is wp_debug enabled ?

If so, what is popping up in the wp-content/debug.log file?
If not, can you enable it (like this: Debugging in WordPress – Documentation) and trigger the error again afterwards? Extra debug info should be added to wp-content/debug.log.

Also I found a thread (WPForms has detected an issue with JavaScript on this page | that indicated that the cause could be minification of JS. Did you enable that option upon export of the WordPress theme? If so, can you check if it still persists without js minification?

Thank you, I tried enabling debugging in the wp-config.php and the debug.log is not being produced.
Un checked to minimize JS.

Same problem. Works great with a Wordpress theme.

I will try debugging Blocs App furthur and find out what the JS clash is all about.

One question though? Does Blocs produce Wordpress friendly themes that work with WP or is it common for problems like this to happen? My Wordpress install is a fresh install with stock plugins.

Thank You Again for your help

I’ve actually never had this issue before and I’ve built quite a few themes for my WordPress sites using Blocs Plus. So I do not think this is a common issue.

Based upon the support thread of that plugin, I would rather attribute the problem to bad coding in the plugin than to what Blocs Plus outputs as a theme. If the latter were the case, you’d see much more conflicts with other plugins. And to be fair, when diving into the code of the theme that Blocs Plus outputs, it’s really quite clean and standardized code.

Thank you, I did some testing and went with another plugin that works great.

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Glad to hear you got it working that way :slight_smile: Just for reference (and it might help others in the same situation), what plugin did you end up using?

The plugin is Contact Form 7 and works great.

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