Project assets don't refresh


I’m having problems with my project assets. After I change project asset already used in Blocs project (esp. carousel image), with one of the same name, nothing changes in project. Even if I remove project asset, save and restart Blocs, then add project asset it loads old image, not the new one.
Does anyone experiencing the same?


Blocsapp is a bit quirky about asset changes. It can help to save the project and restart blocsapp (though not, it seems, in your case).


The main Blocs app and the Application Support directory need to be run from the same HD for Blocs 2.4.


Nope, that didn’t help. I managed to insert image I want but don’t really understand how =\


Yep, have it this way.


I think asset handling is a bit buggy, but I can’t formulate any reliable cases. I usually find that after a while I need to restart blocsapp to get things to settle again.


Ditto, same here.


Dito, same here also.