Project editing / Container is locked! HELP!

Hey i really need help,

My main Project is “locked” and i can’t edit it anymore every other Project is working fine.

When I open the existing Project i can’t scroll down anymore, when i click on the bloc on the right site the container in it shows a lock icon.

I can’t find the solution because i haven’t changed anything on this project…

You may want to check this piece of information


yeah, i ran into to this, too, when first starting out. Those containers are not editable.

Describe what result you are trying to achieve, and I’m sure someone very knowledgable will help with that. Good luck!

Have you added any extra styling to the containers or body tag via the Class Manager? Scroll locking could be caused by an overflow class rule.

i just added the FB Pixel to the header via code nothing else. It’s really weird two days ago it worked again and i was really happy about it now back from vacation back in Germany nothing works again…

It’s my most important blocs project. I really need help with that!