Pseudo Element under text

Hi …

when I use a pseudo element - is it possible to get the element under the text? ( in this case the red line )Tried some z-index but doesn’t work…
tom :slight_smile:

Can you do a visual mock up of what you want. “Under text” could mean a couple of things. Your comment about z index suggests behind the text? But let’s save ourselves all some time :smile:

Maybe even screen shots of the settings you do have already.

Hey @PeteSharp

Yeah - my English is not so good. Sorry …
I mean „behind the text“.

I tried a negative Z- Index. The first time it doesen‘t work. Maybe I did other things wrong.

I tried a second time and did a negative z index and now the red line is behind the text. So - it works.


Not sure if this will work in the same way?