Publish - connection error, test was successful

Still here, please help thanks!

Do you still have this problem? I remember having an FTP issue a few years back, where i had one computer in the office able to connect via filezilla but the other computer couldn’t, (using same credentials).

Some things to try.

  1. Username is case sensitive on some servers in addition to the password.
  2. Some systems do not like if the username/password contains ‘unusual’ characters. That’s a possibility in your case since MacOS uses different character tables than other OS.
  3. What port are you using? 21? maybe open up a second port on your server for ftp and try and use that, in case there is a conflict on the port, another service running on it.
  4. If username and password still dont work, maybe try changing them as well. I like to clear everything with computers, as the smallest thing can conflict and drive you mad. You could create new credentials and a new ftp port and try that.

p.s. Try all protocol types as well. i.e SFTP, FTP, FTP with SSL, FTP with TSL/SSL

Ok thanks, seems to be working at the moment with new update