Publishing Website

This is my first time using blocs and publishing a website. So the thing is that I don’t understand how to do it. I read the information on the blocs website but I didn’t understand. I have a domain at but I don’t know how to connect it to blocs.

Welcome! You can open a Chat or open a Ticket with HostGator. They will be able to provide proper settings for your account to add to Blocs publishing.

Please post back if you get it working :smiley:

It took me a while to get it working, but when set up it works really well. I think different hosting companies use slightly different terminology for the same thing, which can cause confusion.
I contacted my hosting company for advice what to put in each field. They said to use FTP and port 25, which didn’t work, but after a bit of googling I changed the port to 21 which worked fine.
With my hosting company the path is ‘public_html’ not ‘httpsdocs’ which the app defaults to, so that is one thing to check.
Also because my ‘Address field’ is “” after the upload is complete the ‘open in browser’ button goes to that address not the URL of my website which is a bug I think.