Pulse 4.6 is here - FREE update for Blocs users // Now 4.7 is here!

Firstly, the Pulse integration that @Norm built into Blocs is incredible. The fact you can design without coding and export a template ready to go into Pulse - just drop in two contents folders - still blows my mind.

When at exhibitions and meetups and people ask about making templates for Pulse I always say, “you can code the HTML, convert an existing template to Pulse in a few minutes… or you could design your own with Blocs”. The look on their faces when they see it in action (in Japan Blocs is relatively unknown) is priceless :joy:

OK update stuff…

Check out the notes on what’s new and how to get it:


:tada::zap:️ Wahooo~!

Migrate your blog from #wordpress, #tumblr, #blogger or any platform, and start using Pulse today:

It’s available to all those Blocs users who have bought Pulse. Thank you to you. You would already have an email :wink:

If you don’t know what Pulse is, have a look here:

Cheers everyone!


@pulsecms Thanks for sharing, the migrate tool is great news for those that are moving away from the bulky blog platforms.

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I totally agree with this. It is a really fresh new approach and shows the way forward. Other systems seem clunky by comparison. I think that for the vast majority of users, that this is the best approach and solution.


This does sound really good. I don’t have a blog myself but I could see this being useful as a means of luring clients away from a Wordpress site with a combination of Blocs + Pulse CMS.

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Thanks @Flashman and that was the main idea. So designers can start to dictate what software they use for the job (Blocs + Pulse) and not the other way around :wink:

Power to the designer! :zap:️:+1:

It’s worth adding to here that 4.7 is now out and our best version yet!!

As before you can learn more here:

But highlights include:


  • Pulse Cloud - now one license for unlimited sites. Join the Pulse Cloud today to get unlimited sites, updates, premium addons, form builder app (to make multi-page interactive forms and surveys with form logic and stats), Pulse 5 when it drops, and many more exclusive things: https://upgrade.pulsecms.com
  • New Just Forms Tag included in the Pulse Core. Just add {{justforms}} to any page followed by options for form ID and form height and you can easily embed your forms e.g {{justforms:formid:height}} so {{justforms:1:300}} // Requires a Pulse Cloud subscription to make awesome forms
  • Gorgeous new default theme! Colourful, bright and simple - shows the power of Pulse and finally modernises the default site. Uses two alternate templates too, to show that in action
  • Standard Contact form auto responder for the {{form}} tag - any contact form submissions will automatically receive a thank you email from the admin address in config.php. You can change the message in the language files
  • Blog single posts now have “back” button to return to blog top page
  • Minimum PHP version now 5.6!


  • Security fix for Contact Form - latest version of PHP Mailer added
  • Path bug crept in with Pulse installs in the root and galleries - all fixed up
  • Blog URL moved in config.php to “Blog” so not easily missed!
  • Sortable gallery list now shows no bullets
  • Archive button on blogs fix for RapidWeaver sites
  • Template.php and contact form errors are now fixed
  • Help now opens in new window

Wahooooo~~!! :tada::zap:



On your hosting plans… where are your servers located?

Just curious…


Sure! thanks @ScottinPollock

We use datacenters in US and here in Japan.
But for users outside of Japan we’d use the US ones

We also have a CDN so it can be served around the world even faster. And if you want, you can add on Cloudflare for example too (https://www.cloudflare.com/)

Our demo is un-optimised and already pretty fast:

You can try the back-end speeds too with minimal loading time needed.

Let me know anytime here or by email with questions

Thanks for asking…