Pulse CMS and Blocs Carousel - lil bug


hi guys,

i was just creating my first pulsecms theme and i realized the carousel functionality is not working fine. please change following line from

<img src="<?php echo $path; ?>/template/img/lanterns.jpg" />


<img src="/template/img/lanterns.jpg" />

when exporting. the php doenst work in pulse, since its only a .txt file, otherwise in the pulse backend the WYSIWYG editor destroys the file and formating.

also i noticed the carousel itself cannot be wrapped to a pulseCMS block. i had to add the whole parent row for it to work (which isnt that big of a deal actually, but just noticed it)

blocs v 2.3.0
pulseCMS 4.7 (but i guess it happens with other pulse versions too)

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This should work as the txt files are rendered as php when used by pulse. This is how it’s outlined in the pulse docs, however that may have changed in the latest version.


Thanks guys - @squareclouds - do you have it installed in a sub folder or root?


@pulsecms i have it in a sub folder.


RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

everything works fine, but when i try to open the carousel.txt file the system rewrites this line:
<img src="<?php echo $path; ?>/template/img/lanterns.jpg" />
<img src="<?php echo $path; ? data-verified=" redactor"="">/template/img/lanterns.jpg"&gt;



Yes! Carousel support in Blocs is coming in a future update to Blocs. Please look out for it :slight_smile:


Hi there and sorry to grab out an older post.

I have nearly the same problem. The <?php echo $path; ?> will stay on every image I post - e.g. layout background on menu.

The $path on index.php will work fine, css and content is loaded but inside the blocks pages all the images are not shown. I installed all in the domain root, no subfolder.

I have the newest Version of Blocsapp 2.5.2 and a fresh install of pulsecms 5.0.3

Best Regards,


Hi Dennis try Blocs 2.6 beta build 7. I believe it fixes a range of issues with Pulse 5.


Thx a lot @Norm . I DL the Beta a view days ago but was not shure if it takes all my last projects.

Tried and it works, the images are showing now. : )

A great time to all,


I´m coming from Adobe Muse and just starting. Now I did a first combination of Blocs and Pulse and I have the same problem. The pictures are not loaded into the carousel. It appears but it is empty and it has the wrong dimensions. I don´t have coding experience, but is there anything I could do. I use the latest version of Blocs and Pulse.
I also get an error message
and here it loads only one picture but in the wrong dimension

Thank you very much


There seems to be an error with your Pulse setup, Im not sure this is Blocs related. Are all the warning across the top intentional?


Welcome from Adobe Muse!

I think it’s just an install error that should be easy to fix. I see you’ve also posted on the Pulse forum:

Let’s talk there and get you installed correctly :slight_smile:


The problem is solved. I copied the image-files, which are needed for the carousels from the template folder to the root folder. Now it is working. I got great help from the Pulse-team. I really like the combination of Blocs and Pulse and will stick to it.