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Hi @pulsecms I have made a page with blocks and Puls cms for the blog. Work perfect. But is there a way to do a download area … for example. A client want to put a few files on the page and he don’t want to use a ftp client and don’t can do links on the page etc … so is it possible that he logged into pulse and do an upload from the files ( easy choose the folder and pulse do the rest ) and than the file were in blocs ? Automatically? So the client only have to choose the file ?
Thanks Tom

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Could I see a linl to the site? Interested in how you have a CMS implemented.

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Hi @HMM the page is not online now … hope in a few weeks :blush: Tom

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Yes absolutely @tom2 :slight_smile:

Yes you can create a Blocs page called “downloads” or something. Or from the site template you have already created, add a page with that name or something similar.

Then the client can access that page in Pulse and “upload a file” by using the upload file button:


It will upload to the site (without FTP) and the client can link to the file using this WYSIWYG editor in Pulse and offer that as downloads on their site :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes!

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