Pulse5 is finally here and updates to Blocs soon


After 2 years of development, Pulse5 is here, the most powerful Pulse yet. It brings you a gorgeous new dashboard and user interface, inline editing, multiple users, and so much more. Check out all new features on https://www.pulsecms.com/pulse5/

If you are an existing Pulse customer or registered as a Blocs user, your upgrade path is already waiting for you in the newly designed dashboard, with the latest download version always at your fingertips: https://www.pulsecms.com/login.php

Blocs + Pulse5 integration is coming most likely in a near future Blocs update, with more tutorials and updates soon. So hang tight and look forward to amazing tool interconnectivity in early 2018!


Great news, I will be jumping on it when the integration with Blocs is out!


From what I could see, the Pulse 5 page just has a sign up. Is the price the same as reflected on the main site?

How will the Pulse Builder (also slated for release in early 2018) differentiate from or compete with the Blocs and RapidWeaver application integrations?


Great to hear @kokeaa and we’ll keep you updated with progress as it comes along :slight_smile:

Thanks @Blocs_User - the Pulse5 page tells you what’s in Pulse. The price (as on the main site and upgrade pages) is the one price for everything. It’s becoming a platform so if you buy it you get all the things. It’s not separate prices for each item. Also after signup there is the same pricing info inside.

As for the Pulse builder, it will be a builder that exports Pulse-ready templates. You then just upload the exported Content and Template folder to the server that has Pulse on it. It won’t compete with Blocs as Blocs lets you do that and export HTML sites. Pulse Builder is just for Pulse only. So whilst you can make sites freely with Pulse Builder, they won’t work without Pulse installed (and license) on the same server after created. So it’s part of the Pulse platform, whereas Blocs is an independent tool :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense and more on that as we go.


@pulsecms, thanks for the response.

Since the price was not clearly upfront, I was simply curious if it had remained the same with the release of version 5, without needing to sign up to find out. Regarding the builder that brings more clarity surrounding it as well. I was just interested given the use of the phase “in the meantime” on that page, as it perhaps indicated more of a potential competitor to those apps, when released. Thanks for the clarifications, best wishes with your platform and offerings.


Thanks @Blocs_User

Yes just another option :slight_smile:

And the pricing remains the same… and is on the homepage and the upgrade page (http://pulsecms.com/upgrade.php) without needing to signup/login

There’s also a free trial too: