PulseCMS 5.3.11 now available + Pulse has new owners!


• Redactor 3.4.1 Added https://imperavi.com/redactor/log/ Including better pasting of text, line breaks, inserting and processing code in tags, lists and many more updates
• Latest Vue.js added which includes improvements for Inline Editing with various software
• Editors can now delete items (pages/blog posts/etc)
• Editors can now also upload Media items


• Fix to syntax error in the Forms if a form field not filled in correctly
• Fix for the Manage User Group setting sometimes showing a “Undefined” error https://github.com/yuzoolcode/pulsecms-tracking/issues/143
• Fix for image links in OGP images adding Base URL twice
• The Gal, Masonry, Slider and Thumb tags now take the same arguments
• Lightbox fixes for Masonry, Thumb and Slider tags (Thanks John Robertson for reporting these!)
• Editor user now can create and edit Blog posts without errors

Management announcement:
Together with a friend, I purchased PulseCMS from the old owner, Michael. We are still completing the deal over the next few weeks, but will then move towards new development.

Let us know what features and fixes you’d like to see in Pulse!


Hi @Orca, congratulations on the takeover over Pulse. Looking forward to see where you’ll take the project.

Just a tiny thing: when trying to look at https://www.pulsecms.com/pricing/ I’m getting a 500-error.

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Thank you. I’ve fixed the pricing page for now and its back up. We’re still onboarding with Pulse for the next week or so but we’re excited to improve the product.

I take it this is a subscription deal, so most would be looking at $297 a year.

Correct but you do not need to renew. You can cancel before renewing and use it forever. Also, you can use it for unlimited numbers of websites. However, you wont get to download the latest versions or get priority support if you dont renew.