Putting your site online

Can someone explain to me how to put my site online with Blocs4? I took a hosting at OVH but I can’t do it.

Do I need a special hosting?

Can you explain me the details?


After exporting the project from Blocs you will need a separate FTP client and connect to the server using details supplied by your web host. From there just upload to the designated folder, which is probably public_html.

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Do you have any suggestions for a web host?

Where are you based? I am guessing you just want basic shared hosting that is relatively inexpensive.

I bought a host with OVH but it’s complicate. I want a good host, around 70-90$/year

I am in the UK and use a web host near London called Guru. If you want a US web host there are several to choose from. Perhaps one of the US based forum members could make a suggestion. Blocs itself does not require anything unusual in terms of hosting.

N.B please avoid GoDaddy. I would also say it is often worth spending a little more for a better service.