Question about Volt

If I make a site initially without cms and that in a few me the client wants a cms, is it possible to set up Volt after completion of the site?

The site could be converted to Volt following completion. Parts that don’t need to be edited could be left alone, but other areas like text and images would require some rebuilding with content changed through the web browser. If you think it is likely this will happen I would build it in Volt from the start.

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Yes. However, unless you want to risk needing to do a website redesign later, be thinking about how that might work for a future update. Always be thinking about your visitor and usability.

How will they find the links to the cms, interact with the cms, etc.?

If you are referring to just moving your existing data from the website into the cms, the answer is still yes. But, it will all have to be done manually. copy/paste

What’s your point here? I don’t understand.

You could even start by building in the VoltCMS areas in the initial build and they would stay ‘collapsed’ until populated in the future.
You could then copy and paste from your static bits to the CMS bits when the time comes, then delete the unwanted static bits from your Blocs site and upload again.
Provided you haven’t changed the names of the CMS bits, they will show up fine after upload.
I’ve done the a couple of times now.

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Just usability. If the designer decides to use both evergreen information for a normal website and the later integrate Volt blog with timely or changing data!