Question on working with forms

  1. How do you set the style for disable, on focus for text fields?
  2. How do you style radio buttons or drop menu with custom styles?
  3. Is there a way to import css for a form component to change how they looks or I need to go through the styling in Blocs
  4. Can i test the form validation in the preview mode or do i need to export first to test?
  1. For disabled text have to add attribute after exporting disabled=“disabled”
  2. Radio button text: use class .form-check-input
    dropdowns are styled by browser & not easily overridden
  3. Answered above
  4. Should be able to - will get yellow alerts ‘This is required’, ‘You must agree to this…’ , etc.


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With Blocs 3, can you do the attributes using the the attributes section?

I want to change the radio button to flat color style. Wonder can I use the bootstrap button class to style it.

You should be able to add the disabled attribute using the new attributes section- but I haven’t tried it yet - let us know if it works ok.

Radio button styling is normally controlled by the browser, so not easy to change it.