Question to the Bric Developers

Do any Bric Developer think it’s possible to do a bric like this ?

If so - get in touch and we talk about money :smiling_face:
Cheers Tom

Just pay the $5 monthly to Elfsight. It’s your best deal.

I think that’s not the best deal for me. I need that kind of calendar on 12different websites …
Each websites has ~5000 views in a month …
So I have to pay 20 dollar / month.
It’s also okay - but a bric is still better. The very best way is that it also works with volt cms so the client can change the events by themselves :smiling_face:

A complex bric like that (if possible) is going to cost you 2-3k minimum. Even $20 Monthly is a better deal.


I’ve been using the Rental Property Booking Calendar from PHP Jabbers for many years now Rental Property Booking Calendar | PHPJabbers
A one-off payment for unlimited use on multiple sites, I’m certain it’s the same for the one @Jannis mentions.
Very easy to implement, just drop the code into an HTML bric.
You can go for a test ride on the phpjabbers site

Hey @Jerry thanks for ur opinion
Hey @Jannis and @DMurr thanks for the link.

@Jerry what is with an easier bric like this:

U think that’s possible ?

From their website :wink:


Sure …
But I think clients don’t want to pay a monthly fee for something like this …
I am also not a friend of monthly payments.
Maybe a found a solution. A company sell a lot of widgets with one time payment or a found a developer. He develop a widget and do an admin panel for the client. The admin panel is installed on a subdomain of the page. So the client can insert the events. I will get a bit more information about this …
But I can use the widget for different websites … sounds good :smiling_face:

You’re going now from an event booking system to an Instagram feed. I’m getting slightly confused and I hope you do understand.

If a monthly fee or a one-off of $50 is too expensive for your clients Google helped me finding the perfect solution for you. And it is FREE!

I also ask for a instagram bric because these two features are often ask by clients.
Events and Instagram.
That’s why I also ask about instagram. Hope u are not more confused now. And some clients don’t want to pay monthly fees - some clients do :smiling_face:
The developer solution is in my case the best choice- he make a really good price for me ( event calendar) and for the instagram feed the clients has to pay monthly fee or we don’t use instagram on the website :person_shrugging:t2: easy :smiling_face:

For Instagram I have used LightWidget many times. (there are many other services like this)

Instagram used to be easier, but now they have access token as part of their API. You can manually set this up, via a Facebook developer account, but why re-invent the wheel.

Hi @PeteSharp

thanks u