Range sliders

Here is the problem-statement:
I need to have some range-sliders so customers can chose the ‘sweet-spot’ for the number of licences they buy and the length of time versus price and discount.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this need and I equally believe that this would be a cool Bric to have. And :slight_smile: I do not really want to start introducing too many code snippets - they will complicate the change-management of the site! In my view, it is better to have a native function.

My ask:
Able to select the number of sliders, set the upper/lower limit and steps and (very important!) to be able to set a simple math formula so the final value can be send to the payment engines we might be using.

@Norm would appreciat some thoughts and thank you for Blocs - it is briliant!


I remembered you asked about this about a month ago.

To be honest if you want this to be a custom bric, I would suggest you consider how much it’s worth to you and see if one of the devs here would do it for you by posting in the freelance section.

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