Re-write site

Hi Bloc heads.
Is it worth re-writing my site (like for like) in the latest Blocs.
I’ve developed it over several updates and done know if there’s any advantage in a fresh, but almost identical version.
It does everything I want it, and I’ve added several latest Blocs features.
Just a thought.
Many thanks,

I don’t think you have to do it from scratch once again. The new version of Blocs is able to open files created in older versions so you can change your decision in the future if you want.

Not sure what you would gain. If you open the site with the current version and apply any of the new features you want then I would think it would be fine. I couldn’t imagine re-doing my current sites. I do go back to some and add features that my client might want. Maybe something they requested on a early version that was not possible and now Blocs can handle it.

I think you find this is with any program, no matter what field it’s in. Programs evolve, hopefully for the better.


I assumed as much, but I’d just thought I’d check.

I do believe it improve the performance a little bit, but I think It will not worth it to do it ‘like for like’. Just wait until you think that the current design of your site is outdated and needs a big refresh.

Edited: By performance I mean the experience in Blocs app, not the website itself. For visitors it will be the same.

As a first time viewer of the site, I don’t think it needs to be “updated” at all. That’s a really cool looking site you have there, very clean and intuitive. It took about 4 seconds to load on my side (I’m on a T1 internet connection here) so from a design standpoint, I don’t think it needs to be updated. I don’t know Blocs enough yet to know if some of the elements you have on the site now are more streamlined with the updated version, so I would only look into that if you can minimize the time it takes to load the site (but it’s not bad at all for the complexity of the site as it is). Just my 2 cents. Good work!

Thanks for looking and letting me know how it reacted .

Thanks, I assumed it would be okay but wanted to check if the ‘under the hood’ Blocs improvement has greatly improved the coding.

@apswoodwork how did you do the transparent sticky nav? Love it!

That’s something I’d really know too.

It always helps to name your blocks (menu-bloc)
Create a custom class,
Specify any metrics you need (in my case, a set height)
Set a background colour with a opacity setting.

Ok. Thank you! But how did you manage that the sticky nav is first solid and if you scroll down transparent?

The underlying bric is white, then low opacity white over shows white through white (i.e. Solid white).