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Hello to Custom Blocs Template. Professionally Made for You!


A great looking site and good luck with your venture. One observation is that the price columns would look a lot better if they were of equal height. It needs something like matchheight.js and I’d be hugely grateful if @Norm could give us a tick box option for this inside Blocs.


Yah! wishing that too. Something like a toggle to activate button :slight_smile:


Yes it would make layouts so much tidier and quicker. It would be a welcome addition in 2.5 for sure. The site looks really good overall though.


Congratulations. Best wishes with your service @mackyangeles. I look forward to watch the examples grow of the work you do for people helping them with converting their sites to Blocs, etc.,

I would suggest changing the word “Steps” to “Process” just in the menu and for that page title.


Nice! :raised_hands: