reCAPTCHA - ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type

I had problems to make the reCAPTCHA blocs work properly.
The message was: “ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type”

My Project Settings for the language was French.

The reCAPTCHA Google account was properly configured.
The Recapture bloc was properly in a Div Container before the Submit Button.
I’ve used the reCAPTCHA V2 keys.
If it work’s with reCAPTCHA V3 … let us know.

Here’s the turn around I’ve tried and did work for Google Chrome.

Switch back the Projet Settings language to English
Doing so a message pop-up will ask you to: Yes, update all pages.
Click Yes!

Now Save
Then Export Project
And now Publish on FTP and test the page with the Email Form on your web site.

You can try to switch back to your language setting projet and test if now it work on both languages.
Now it work’s on Google Chrome.

I don’t know why but at this moment.
It does not work with Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge (who is a Google Base Core Platform).

Do you have the same problem?
Do you have the bytes that are missing to complet the configuration?

Hi, I tried this - but it does not work!!! My customer want this repatcha - but I read all helps - but nothing is working: there is always: INVALID KEY TYPE!
Is there another anti spam for form available???

Which version did you create your keys for?

Instead of a recaptcha I recommend DeSpam.
Easy to implement and works.

Hi, I tried to buy this bric. But it was until now not possible because I got only error messages from PayPal. I wrote now to the developer - hope he will answer soon.

I see your payment went through - no problem. You just have to be patient when going through the various PayPal prompts :wink: