Recent issue with Overlay Bric - Blocs 4.3 +

A bug has recently been logged with us that affects our image overlay custom Bric. The issue has potential to clear the URL value you may have assigned to the Bric.

The Brics URL data is wiped when you export with Blocs 4.3 and Blocs 4.3.1.

The issue had been fixed in Blocs 4.3.2 beta 1 but it only prevented the issue happening and didn’t correct the potential underlying issue that would now be written into the file, if you saved after export.

The latest Blocs beta (B2) will also now correct this issue so opening any project that has been affected should effectively correct the issue automatically.

I’ve used Blocs 4.3.1 to test other Brics for the issue and so far the only one with the issue is our image overlay Bric.

To Clarify
• Only affects Image Overlay Bric with a URL assigned.
• Issue is fixed in Blocs 4.3.2 - Currently in beta.