Recommend a "Quote cart" for buddy's biz

My buddy has a rental business. I’m trying to build his site for him and I primarily use BLOCS.

He needs an online cart to have people select the rental items they want, with amounts and for how many days they want them. But instead of them buying and checking out with a payment, he wants the “quote” of selected items sent to him so then he can contact them directly to finalize the order.
Can you recommend a solution that I could use to make this “quote cart”? has a nice one as an example.

Thanks for any help!

I would recommend the PHP Jabbers Equipment Rental Script. It can be configured to provide a range of options including equipment packages as well as individual items. Rates can be set by the hour or day and special rates can be applied to certain dates (maybe bank holidays) Although the system has payPal integration as standard, this can be turned off so that you can arrange payment direct with the customer. Orders can be automatically confirmed if the built in payment option is used, or the order can remain pending until you have reviewed it and manually accepted the booking. I suggest you take a look at the demo front and back end admin area on the link provided. This will give you a clear idea of what the script can do and how it can be configured to your requirements. Integration into Blocs is a breeze. If you go to the demo admin page and select the Install tab. You will see a piece of HTML code that you embed into your Blocs page using the Code bric. Try it and then preview the blocs page. You will see the demo site displayed in your blocs project.

Thanks a lot hendon for the recommendation. It sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Hope I can figure out how to use it. Thank you a lot.

@streambeans If you get a problem, let me know - I’ve implemented a lot of these scripts and they all install very easily. All you need to have is PHP and MySQL support on your hosting server.

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I appreciate it. I’ll keep you in mind if I have issues.

Much thanks!