Recommend: SiteLok, membership/registration script

Hi all,

In the summer I asked our amazing forum that I would need a PHP registration page for users to log on etc.

I had a few options sent to me and I contacted a few of them and only 1 came back fast and not only has the product been great…and took me a while to get my head around it but this is like all things when you first use it.

I have had some custom things that needed doing to this script and Adrian at @vibralogix has been just brilliant and I strongly recommend this product/service.

SiteLok has lots of options for memberships in pages and collection of members which would be valuable for a client.

If have posted the links below here for this which has a Blocs manual too - which then needs the main manual to for more in depth.

Website: LINK
Blocs manual is on the bottom right of this section.

I created a very simple demo of how this works if anyone is interested.


I agree. I first used SiteLoc quite a few years ago now when I worked with Freeway Pro. I’ve only used it once in a Blocs project but it’s an excellent product and easy to integrate. Adrian is right there to offer personal support if you need help. Highly recommended :))

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Hi Everyone, Just a heads up, I am now working on Brics to integrate SiteLok into Blocs. I’m woking with SiteLok’s developer Adrian to make sure I cover all the good stuff. It’s already possible to use Blocs with SiteLok, but this is going to make things easier to maintain and reconfigure. It’s a hyper fast way to get a Blocs-designed SiteLok project off the ground.


hey @Whittfield - if you need any advice on areas I think need covering on it, feel free to message me!

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I have literally just found blocs today thanks to a friend and your post as I want to create a membership site.

Any idea if you can create a create using the two a menu for non logged in users and then a different menu for logged in users as I think this is the way I would like to go if I can. Still just trying to get my head around it all.

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Hi @glennbtn, Welcome to the forum! In short the answer to your question is: Yes! With sitelok you can create unlimited access levels for pages.

If you only need a login protected page; you might take a look at Volt. This is a multitool for blocs. You can create CMS, Blog, but also protected pages, entry only with login.

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Hi @glennbtn, welcome aboard!
Like @Mattheus, I would suggest Volt CMS (I haven’t used Sitelok, so can’t comment on that).
It’s a content management system specifically for Blocs and it makes life a whooooole lot easier for any future (non-structural) copy and picture changes/amendments or whatever that you designate in the Blocs site while building.
I can see your scenario working by having the main non-membership pages as the main site, a Volt CMS login page which when logged in would redirect to the membership site pages with the different menu. There may be a slight easier way than I mention, but that’s just initially off the top of my head.
It’s an extra up-front cost, but very much a timesaver in the long run.
And support from both here on the forum, and @Jannis, the developer, is superb.

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I totally agree with all the options put forward.
I use both Volt and siteLok and both are great additions to use with Blocs.

But both are totally different - but both offer a locked page option.

SiteLok is a true membership/registration program which offers so many options of creating members pages for certain groups/pages. It stores of course all the data collected from everyone who has registered. They be emailed within the program for deals, offers and information within the group they have joined. There are so many options.
I have just created a registration with Adrian’s help from SiteLok so only users of the company can register by forcing them use the work email only. This will add extra protection for the event. I can also set it so the client needs to validate everyone too. You create page locks within the site too.
Adrian from the company as mentioned in my original post - is great and quick at support.

Volt is just stunning, a great flat based CMS system and the best blocs blogging platform.
This is a Blocs dedicated program and within the software you can lock pages.
The support from Jannis at @Jannis too is fantastic. I would suggest this is an essential purpose for Blocs.

They are both great and whichever you choose you will not be disappointed.

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Thanks all for the advise

Hi @AdieJAM,
I’ve been asked to create a website for a friend of mine who wants the following:
He wants a website for a streaming video service, to stream conferences, meetings etc. And it should be a members only; for example: for one company, 1 username and 1 password. For another company, their own username and their own password. Just in case multiple companies want to use the streaming service at the same time.
I am under the impression this is possible with Sitelok?? Can you confirm that?

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Hi @Mattheus - well this field is my specialist area from 2020 and 21, i have done quite a lot of live conferences, live award ceremonies, charity balls.

My advice would be in general is to make a dedicated website per live stream. This can be either as a dedicated URL or what I have is an option of a white label website and great sub domains for them.

If a company has a conference, they would want it for them only, with their sponsors etc.

But your questions regarding siteLok.
I would 100% not mix companies within the registration. You can of course create different areas for the company, so the sales team can only have access to the sales conference page (as they join that one) and the management team can have access to their conference only on another conference page.

The service is pretty cheap and amazing value, as the service from Adrian is brilliant too. (£20 I think per company/event after the first purchase)

I just would not be a fan of mixing multiple companies on this for live events.

edit: Just sent you a link to a demo event page.

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Hi @Mattheus, yes you can. “member” registrations are assigned to group levels (i.e. gold, silver, bronze) you can define with Sitelok which pages are accessible to which group level. I have build a site with for a home-owners association. It has a genenal part which is accessible for all. and 4 secondary parts for each block in the village which can be accessed by the owners of the block only. I can’t wait for the integration @Whittfield is working on a bric to simplify implementation. However there’s an integration manual created for Blocs especially.


Hi @Jerry , hope you are well. Yeah - it can be done as explained with different named groups, but my fear would be mixing different companies in the same registration for totally different events, as these are for registering for different conferences - I personally would not be a fan of doing it this way if i’m mixing companies.

If it was registering one company for 2 or 3 different areas of the website with just 1 company then I would be fine with this…i guess its just how my head works.

Some of these online conferences are still costing over £50,000 - £100,000 for a large scale online conference with pre-production, technical teams and £20 to give it’s dedicated registration would not be something I would think about twice.

Another thing I forget to mention @Mattheus to look at is the scale of the live event too in terms of hosting - if the delivery will be done via embedded codes from say Vimeo or a live streaming page, and the usage of the event would not need to be huge, but still big enough for an influx of visitors at one given time.

I run all my live events on a cloud server and the most I have had so far on one event is 24,000 log on from around the world. I scale it for the event date, so it can take this amount of people and stick a LOT of back up resources. I know one my live streams - after the event has averaged 10,000 a week of people watching the event after. Don’t be afraid to chuck money at the CPU core and Memory for this…I monitor live too and adjust if I think they need more.
All good fun !

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Hello AdieJAM,

Just checking in do you still recommend SiteLok for a membership website.


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Hi @calibinder,

Just saw your post. Yes 100%. I’ve used it so many times now and been flawless every time.

Using it on a site now which was used to capture people registering for tickets for a large event, and now using it to capture feedback data on the event.

Had a play with others and none had the same flexibility.

The secret weapon is Adrian who owns the company……his help is worth his weight in gold.
I’ve had some of the most bizarre requests from clients and he has always made it happen….just brilliant.

A fair bit of work though, if you fully theme it out. Don’t ask how I know :grimacing:

I’m currently running a website with Sitelok, a fantastic tool, but its back-end setup requires a fair amount of work. It’s important to thoroughly consider your entire setup from the onset to avoid making changes later.

The process of securing your pages is relatively straightforward. However, once the script is installed, you lose the ability to preview your page - an inconvenience, but to be expected. To simplify this process, I’ve created a handy tickbox for personal use.

In my current configuration, I’ve incorporated @Jannis’s Volt CMS within Sitelok, which significantly simplifies content addition.

Overall a great tool for a complex setup. I recall there was a simpler members page solution available in the Blocs Store but I believe the links are not working anymore.

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My next item on the todo list: allow online creation of users :tiger:


Friday beta coming. No pressure :joy::joy:

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