Recommended Lazy Load JQuery plugin

I’m looking at a number of lazy loader plugins to add to Blocs. Wondering, are there any recommendations before I go ahead and start testing some out for intergration for 2.4?

Hi @norm,

I would suggest they support the following:

  • responsive images - srcset/sizes, etc.,
  • background images / videos
  • iFrames
  • videos (Youtube / Vimeo / local)
  • Divs (containers)
  • etc.,
  • and integrated with Animate.css, etc., for onScroll animated reveals

I think for Blocs features, supporting the above suggestions would be good as far as support.

I also prefer things that are actively developed and not from 5 years ago with no activity (although sometimes you find gold that, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, that still works).

Here are a few to look at it you have not seen them already:

Some of those handle the things mentioned above. Like most things, there are a plethora of options and alternatives out there. For your sanity though make sure you use one that just requires assigning a CSS class with a little associated JQuery and not one that you have to instead write reams of JQuery as well for it to work. :wink:

PS: I hope this is an indicator that Blocs will begin adding features via more 3rd party frameworks (CSS/JS). There are so many out there that could really do a lot for Blocs regarding added features and many of which are simple implementations much like Animate.css (some just as easy to use too). Plus Blocs could remain lean and mean and these features based upon frameworks would only add weight if used in projects when added features are desired, most have small footprints anyway when used.

Hope something helps your efforts


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Something that loads the top area above the fold first and then loads other content below immediately after if possible. I never like render blocking above the fold when you are left with an empty space and a few words for a second before an image appears.

Something I haven’t quite understood is that the Blocs sites I have looked at often score badly on Google page speed for one reason or another, though it’s not all directly related to Blocs, since some issues are things like browser leveraging or not using compression. In reality though, they are among the fastest sites I see anywhere and I am sure not all of them are hosted on super fast servers. It just seems like a strange anomaly.

you can lazy load images and video with this looks easy to implement

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